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District Partners with Local Designer, Community Groups to Create District Branding Kit
Mariemont City Schools has worked diligently over the last eight months to create a comprehensive branding kit. The district partnered with local designer Tom Gilmore who generously volunteered his time and expertise to lead this work and design the future of the Mariemont City School District.
The end result is uniquely Mariemont City Schools.
“I am so grateful to have such talented people in our community who are willing to dedicate their time and energy to help us design the logo of the future,” said Mariemont City Schools superintendent Steven Estepp. “This branding kit is a result of hundreds of hours of work by our staff, students and community. I am proud of what we were collectively able to create to represent the best of our district.”
Designed through a comprehensive process with multiple opportunities for stakeholder feedback, this branding kit was approved by consensus of the district’s staff logo project team, a high school student focus group, a community committee and the Board of Education.
Similar to most colleges and universities, the Mariemont City School District branding kit is versatile and offers options for a variety of uses and settings that a single mark could not. These separate images can each stand alone as branding components of the school district and also share coalescing elements running throughout. 
Guided by the community-selected themes of honor, courage and excellence, the district marks represent what it means to be a Mariemont Warrior. The new Mariemont City Schools branding kit offers a mark for everyone and every occasion. 
For more information on the logo process and to see the work that went into the branding kit, visit the District Logo page of the district website.

April 13 Update
Mariemont City Schools is again asking for community input in the logo design process. Please click here to share your opinions on four design prototypes. Please note that this is not a vote between four logos but rather a feedback-collecting exercise for specific design elements. The survey will close at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, April 16.

April Update

This past month the community was asked to participate in the next phase of the logo development process by completing a second survey. The goal of this survey was to solicit stakeholder feedback on specific design elements to incorporate into the final logo design. Each person participating in the survey was given twelve design elements developed through engagement with alumni, parents, staff and administration that are being considered by the steering committee and project team. 
The participants were asked to select three design elements that are the most important to them and three design elements that are the least important. Below are the six design elements ranked as most important by respondents: 
1. Maintain a blue and gold color scheme in the logo design.
2. Avoid the use of a block “M” in the logo design as it is too similar to other schools in the area.
3. Create a logo design that is bold and dynamic.
4. Avoid the use of any Native American imagery/artifacts in the logo design.
5. Create a logo design that is a mascot/image rather than typeface/letters only.
6. Create a logo design that is gender neutral. 

The process to design and select a new logo continues to operate on the timeline below.

March Update

Following the co-creation session held in December, three concept boards with descriptive words and themes to serve as inspiration for a new logo were shared with the broader community for feedback.  
The three concept boards shared were themed: (1) Steadfast Bravery, (2) Iconic Grit and (3) Engaged Community. Community members were asked to rank the concept/themes in order of appeal.  Additionally, community members were asked to select words that most describe what a "warrior" means to them. 
The logo project team reviewed the feedback and began to build a narrative to share with the logo designer, Tom Gilmore.  Four words and one concept board were then chosen using the community feedback. 
Words that best describe a Warrior:  Honorable, Determined, Courage and Stronger Together. 
Inspiration/Concept : Steadfast Bravery
Taken together, these words and inspiration/concept are the foundation for the overall logo theme developed by the project team:  The "Bold Protector.”  
The "Bold Protector" is honorable, determined, courageous, stronger together, adaptable, timeless, driven and adventurous. 
With a theme established and identified, the logo project committee then created a list of potential elements for the designer to consider when creating images/concepts for the Bold Protector. These common elements have been sent to the community for feedback:
  • Maintain a blue and gold color scheme in the logo design.
  • Avoid the use of a block “M” in the logo design as it is too similar to other schools in the area.
  • Contain the logo design within a circle.
  • Do not incorporate additional colors (beyond blue and gold) into the logo design.
  • Create a logo design that is a mascot/image rather than typeface/letters only. 
  • Find a way of incorporating the four communities (Fairfax, Mariemont, Terrace Park, Williams’ Meadow) into the logo design.
  • Keep the logo design gender neutral.
  • Avoid the use of any Native American imagery/artifacts in the logo design.
  • Create a logo design that is simple and/or abstract.
  • Create a logo design that is unique to the region.
  • Create a logo design that is classic and traditional.
  • Create a logo design that is bold and dynamic.
Community members can rank their common elements preferences here. The survey will close Friday, March 19, at 11:59 p.m.

January Update

The Mariemont City School District is currently in the process of updating its district logo. Below you will find information such as a logo development timeline and highlights from the December 15 Co-Creation Session. You also can find important resources in the list to the right, including why this change is being made as well as statements from the Mariemont City Schools Board of Education.

Co-Creation Session
On December 15, 2020, a group of community members met for a Co-Creation session led by lead designer, Tom Gilmore. The group spent several hours reflecting on the Mariemont City Schools brand and the direction of the new logo, creating inspiration boards and concept ideas for the creation of the new district logo.
The purpose of the Co-Creation session was not to create a new logo, but to provide inspiration and collaboration amongst a diverse group of community members that included parents, alumni and staff from all of the district’s neighborhoods.
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