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CCPC Programs

These programs are designed for the specific benefit of Mariemont City School District students and parents. The goal is to provide an individually tailored service to students and parents to make them confident and comfortable with their post-secondary options and choices. Mariemont City Schools exceeds the generally accepted standards of only providing resources to the juniors and seniors by offering elementary, junior high, freshman and sophomore students and their parents grade-specific tools, tips and programs.

Elementary Parent Coffees
Director of College & Career Counseling Amanda Leszczuk meets with parents at both Mariemont Elementary and Terrace Park Elementary once a year to answer any questions about the college and career planning process and to disseminate helpful information to those parents about the services she and the College & Career Planning Center staff provide. These events occur during the school day.

Career Passport Events
All district 5th and 6th grade students have the option to visit different career stations, which are hosted by at least two professionals, who speak about their careers and demonstrate their craft with props, anecdotes and insight. These professionals speak about career sectors such as the arts, business, education, government, manufacturing, natural sciences, social sciences and technology. The students then complete a career passport, on which they indicate their level of interest in each station and reflect on what they learned.

College Planning 101
This is an entry-level presentation for parents of students in grades 5-8, although parents of students of all ages are welcome and could find the information valuable. The program focuses on helping parents with early planning and thinking about their child's future. The program topic changes and can include topics such as helping your child consider a future career, how to support your child academically for their future college, or financing your children's college education. 

Evening Parent Program
The purpose of the Evening Parent Program is to give parents an opportunity to understand the information that the director of college & career counseling is disseminating to their children, as well as to give parents tips on how to help and support their children with their goals and post-secondary plans. Each year, the director of college & career counseling holds separate evening parent programs for parents of 7th and 8th grade students and each grade level at the high school. Each program generally lasts about an hour and a half. RSVPs are not required.

College Application Workshop
In addition to individual meetings with the director of college & career counseling, seniors are invited to attend the College Application Workshop in August before school starts. During this workshop, seniors will:
  • Review and update their post-secondary planning notebook.
  • Work with the director of college & career counseling and college representatives to learn how to present themselves in their applications.
  • Learn how to properly and thoroughly complete college applications.
  • Revise their college essays and resumes.
  • Learn the college application procedures, including how to send their transcripts through Naviance.
  • Start the Common Application, which is applicable to over 700 colleges.

Seniors who are not able to attend the College Application Workshop will attend a lunch meeting where they will receive their post-secondary planning binders and college application instructions.

Career Chats
The Career Chat program is a monthly student lunch series designed to assist students in gaining a broader sense of career perspective and awareness, connecting students with highly regarded professionals in a variety of career fields. The program allows for candid dialogue and creates resources and relationships for students with professionals in possible fields of interest. Career Chats are open to all high school students and take place in the College & Career Planning Center.

As the director of college & career counseling, Ms. Amanda Leszczuk utilizes the social media platform Twitter as another point of communication with students and parents. She posts updates, reminders, tips, event dates, due dates and other important announcements through Twitter. Log on to Twitter and start following her today!