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Visual/Digital Arts

 Mariemont City School District's Visual Arts curriculum extends from elementary through high school, offering engaging, fun and interesting classes that teach students essential technique with hands on experience. We welcome students who simply want to explore art and challenge those who want more involvement.

Mariemont's visual arts programming includes:

  • fine arts (drawing, painting, graphic design, sculpture, photography, etc.)
  • digital arts, the emerging field where technology can be used to create art (web design, digital video production, etc.)

In all our visual arts programming we strive to teach our students the basic principles and elements of design, and the historical and cultural context of art. We explore a variety of techniques required across a range of media, develop art vocabulary, and foster critical thinking through art criticism. In addition, we work to help students develop their own personal style, and the essential skills involved in evaluating individual work and self development. Art projects are identity based, meaning students make unique artistic choices based on their individual preferences and experiences.

At each level of instruction we try to meet students where they are, teaching to their level and ability. The Art Department provides a learning environment both for the student planning a career in art and the student with a general interest in the visual arts. Students are provided a well rounded experience through a variety of course offerings.