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Destination 2026

Destination 2026

Today’s student, at a glance, looks pretty much the same as the students of yesterday; however, on the inside, this student is really very different. In general, today’s student is walking into our classrooms smarter, more experienced and ready to engage in complex learning experiences.

Additionally, today’s global society, sparked by rapid technological advances and innovation, is putting new demands on America’s work force. Students must possess a whole new set of skills and knowledge to be successful in the future, and those skills change from year to year and decade to decade.

So, what does this mean for the Mariemont City School District? How do we prepare the children of Mariemont for their futures when everything about the future is ever-changing?

Instruction must be more intentional and purposeful than ever before. Schooling can no longer be looked at as an event; rather it must become an experience in which students are deeply engaged, find passion and experience practice in their learning. Students must think critically and creatively across disciplines, collaborate to problem solve, understand the global landscape and their place in it, and use technology inside the classroom as much as they do outside of it.

In response to these ever-changing needs and demands, the Mariemont City School District launched Destination 2026, the strategic plan to guide the instructional vision of the district, to explore the knowledge, skills and experiences students will need to compete globally and succeed consistently in tomorrow’s world.