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District Goal, Objectives & Action Plan

District Achievement Goal
Student success will increase through rigorous curriculum design, instructional best practices, meaningful programming and purposeful environments that maximize learner autonomy and capacity to thrive.

District Objectives
  • Student learning will be enhanced through diverse curricular options and enriching experiences that drive deeper understanding and skill development and support global competency.
  • Student learning will be maximized through the creation of purposeful, safe physical and virtual learning environments for students and staff that promote communication and collaboration.
  • Student learning will be enhanced through instruction and programming that are responsive to assessment results, designed to meet the individual needs of students, and cultivate drive and resiliency.
  • Student learning will be maximized through the implementation of innovative instructional practices that stimulate student interests and foster inspiration and passion.

Action Plan
The work to guide the school district towards achievement of its goal and objectives is defined each year by the District Action Plan, developed by the superintendent in collaboration with the administrative team and Mariemont Board of Education. The District Action Plan outlines specific action steps and timelines for the important work of the school district. As a living document, it is not uncommon for adjustments in action steps to be made throughout the school year in response to student and staff needs, changes in state mandates and other factors that influence the work of the school district. The current District Action Plan can be reviewed here.