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 Mariemont's Band program is fun, inclusive, and offers a challenging, varied, and rewarding musical experience for musicians from 5th through 12th grade. Our program is designed to teach students increasingly more about music and instrumental technique as they progress from elementary through junior high and high school.

Band begins in 5th grade, when students are encouraged to select an instrument, develop basic proficiency, and experience what it means to play as part of a musical group. Through junior high we continue to work with students to improve musicianship, explore a variety of music, band literature, and further develop the skills and experience required to play solo, ensemble, and full band pieces. In high school our program expands to include a wide variety of styles and venues, including Marching Band, Concert Band, Solo and Ensemble performance and Pep Band.

We welcome all students who are interested in playing great music and being part of a fun close knit group. At Mariemont we strive to include students who simply enjoy playing their instrument, and to challenge those who are more dedicated by offering opportunities to audition for select groups. We work to develop individual skill, but also to develop the discipline and perspective required for group performance. Regardless of level, we emphasize performance skill, professionalism, teamwork, and love of music.