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District Departments

Office of the Assistant Superintendent

The Assistant Superintendent assists the Superintendent in facilitating and managing the implementation of the district strategic plan, action plan and other initiatives critical in meeting the school district’s goals, mission and vision. He manages school district special projects and initiatives and oversees the Warriors BEyond and technology programs.
Email, Website, Office Phone
Brent Wise
Assistant Superintendent
Office: 513-272-7508

Office of the District Treasurer

The department of the treasurer oversees all aspects of school finance for the Mariemont City School District including revenue, expenditures, forecasts, budgeting, auditing and payroll. 
Email, Website, Office Phone
Tom Golinar
Coleen Vogelgesang
HR/Payroll Coordinator
Nancy Lonnemann
Accounting Coordinator

Department of Teaching and Learning

The Department of Teaching and Learning oversees the curriculum reviews and resource adoptions for K-12 in all subject areas. This department also manages all professional learning for teachers and staff and assists with district instructional initiatives.
Email, Office Phone
Shannon Kromer
Director of Teaching and Learning
Office: 513-272-7323
Margaret Perkins
Math Coach
Steve Phelps
Teacher, Math & Digital Coach
Lindsay Oberschlake
MTSS Coordinator

Department of Student Services

The Department of Student Services is responsible for the identification and programming for special education, gifted education, counseling and school psychology, section 504, intervention, Title I reading, English as a second Language, health services and foster care.
Email, Office Phone
Tricia Buchert
Director of Student Services
Office: 513-272-7519
Linda Lee
Special Education Supervisor
Office: 513-272-7517
Lindsay Oberschlake
MTSS Coordinator
Colleen Herking
Gifted Intervention Specialist/Gifted Coordinator
Cathy Riley
School Psychologist
Office: 513-272-7600
Steve Vonderhaar
School Psychologist

Department of Technology

The Department of Technology oversees the district technology for network and hardware supervision along with instructional technology best practices.
Email, Office Phone
Brian Sugerman
Coordinator of Technology and Experiential Education
Office: 513-272-7600 x 7718
Gene Stigall
Network Administrator
Office: 513-272-7814
Emily Colpi
Librarian & Digital Learning Coach
Office: 513-272-7611
Jacquelyn Heinzelmann
Digital Coach
Steve Phelps
Teacher, Math & Digital Coach

Department of Human Resources and District Operations

The Department of Human Resources and District Operations is responsible for district management, personnel/human resources, operations, policies/guidelines and safety.
Email, Office Phone
Lance Hollander
Director of Human Resources and District Operations
Office: 513-272-7500
John Parker
Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds
Dustin Treftz
Facilities Specialist
Dennis Koenigsknecht
Maintenance Technician

Department of Communications

The Department of Communications is responsible for all communication practices of the district, including the website, publications, press releases, media coordination and social media accounts, as well as marketing, branding and public relations efforts.
Email, Office Phone
Alex Zmina
Director of Communications
Office: 513-272-7513

Department of Data and Assessment

The Department of Data and Assessment is responsible for the administration of all district, state, and national assessments. This department makes available assessment data through the Student Achievement Dashboard and analyzes assessment data to support instructional decisions and maximize student achievement.
Email, Office Phone
Trevor Block
Assistant Principal/Director of Data and Assessment
Office: 513-272-7512

Department of Equity and Inclusion

The Department of Equity and Inclusion is responsible for the development of a vision and short/long term planning for assessing barriers and needs and implementing actionable items to foster and cultivate equity and inclusion in the Mariemont City School District. This department oversees the district's Global and Cultural Perspectives Committee.
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Department of Transportation

The Department of Transportation handles the bussing and transportation needs of all four Mariemont City Schools.
Email, Office Phone
David Dinwiddie
Transportation Manager