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MHS Facility Project

On August 10, 2021, Mariemont City Schools received the Certificate of Occupancy for Mariemont High School, signifying the end of a nearly five-year Mariemont High School Facility Project. With the certificate, the project was finalized on time and on budget, an accomplishment the district sought to achieve from the beginning.
Back in 2016, the district began to revisit the last remaining piece of its 2012 Master Facilities Plan, Mariemont High School. After careful research and evaluation, it was decided that the nearly 50-year-old building was no longer suitable to provide the type of modern education that our students needed in order to be prepared for today’s world. That decision kickstarted a two-year period of research and input that involved hundreds of community members to finalize the direction of the project. Seventeen objectives were developed, representing the top goals the community wanted to see accomplished with this project. You can see how each of these objectives was achieved below.
Additionally, thanks to a private capital campaign led by our Mariemont School Foundation, over $500,000 was raised to enhance the project and incorporate many features not part of the base construction plan. 
The new Mariemont High School is a symbol of the dedicated partnership between the school district and the communities of Columbia Township, Fairfax, Mariemont and Terrace Park. The community trusted the district with this project and in return, the district has built a state-of-the-art high school that will serve its students and staff for decades to come.

Mariemont High School Facility Project Objectives

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