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MHS Facility Project

For two years leading up to the ballot issue, the school district engaged the community in a variety of ways to help all stakeholders understand our schools’ needs if we were to “Maintain Excellence.” During the fall, the district hosted “A Celebration of Excellence” at its annual State of the Schools Address. And now the district transitions into a period of “Building on Excellence,” a time to take the excellence already established in our schools and build on it with the Mariemont High School Facility Project.

Introducing: Hard Hat Update

Embedded Image for:  (201988152614497_image.png) In an effort to keep the community, staff and students informed with the latest facility project information, Mariemont City Schools will be periodically rolling out a Hard Hat Update to share up-to-date news and notes. Hard Hat Updates will include FAQs, news releases, video interviews, renderings and more and will be disseminated whenever there is new information to share.

Hard Hat Update News

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