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Student Registration

Registration & Forms

WELCOME to Mariemont City Schools!  We are happy to include your family as part of our school community and hope to make your transition as easy as possible.

Central Registration Contact Information
2 Warrior Way, Cincinnati, Ohio 45227
Emma Meinking - 513-272-7500
Rita Burke - 513-272-7514

Online registration for the current school year is active. Please click the Registration link below that best describes your child to begin the online registration process. Additionally, all required documentation can be brought to the Central Registration office located at the Mariemont City Schools Central Office building at 2 Warrior Way, Cincinnati, OH 45227. Please keep in mind that summer office hours vary. Please call ahead or schedule an appointment to make this process as convenient as possible for you. 

Required documentation includes:

You will be asked to complete and sign a Request for Release of Records form that will be sent to your child's former school (if applicable). Copies will be made of your documents and the originals will be returned to you during the appointment. For more information, click on the Student Registration link located on the left side of this page.

It is important that all documentation and information is completed. Please do not forget to include emergency and medical contact information. Although we hope we never need to use this information, it is crucial that we have it on hand. If you are filling out the online registration, please do not forget to add yourself and your contact information as an emergency contact for your child.

Online Registration 

PowerSchool Parent Login / Parent Account Registration

Student Withdrawal
Please fill out this form and return it the Central Registration Office if you are withdrawing your child from the Mariemont City School District for any reason. If you have any questions, please contact Rita Burke at 513-272-7514. You can also mail the completed form to the Central Office to the attention of Rita Burke at 2 Warrior Way, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45227.

Please bring all necessary documents to our Central Registration office. We encourage you to call ahead for an appointment to make the process quick and easy for you.

Central Registration Contact Information
2 Warrior Way, Cincinnati, OH 45227
Emma Meinking - 513-272-7500
Rita Burke - 513-272-7514

To enroll in Mariemont High School or Mariemont Junior High School athletic teams, please register on Final Forms.