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Digital Citizenship

Growing Up Digital

The Mariemont City School District recognizes students are growing up in a digital world with an unprecedented level of innovation happening at an unprecedented speed. Mariemont believes in supporting the development of skills to ensure students are prepared to navigate growing up in a digital world.

As the world becomes more digital and the enticement of new technology increases we must be even more aware of our limits. Assessing digital use and developing a plan that works for each individual is critical to a student's well being. In the Mariemont City School District we believe a healthy balance of living with technology is a skill that needs developed.

Digital identity, or often times referred to as a digital footprint, is what an online profile and network says about a person. What students post, like, search and the people they associate with online are all directly tied to their digital identity. Mariemont City School District believes in teaching students to create a positive digital identity and to to understand the long term implications of their digital identity.

The need to teach students how to protect their personal information, know who they are interacting with and be able to navigate threats to their safety online is a critical skill to practice. Providing proactive strategies and crisis management skills will be part of the educational experience.  Mariemont City School District believes being safe digitally is critical to a student's success.

The ability to find, evaluate and synthesize information found on the internet is a critical skill our students must learn. Sources and information are easy to find online, however, evaluating their validity can be the difference between receiving accurate or inaccurate information. Mariemont City School District believes the student of today must know how to find relevant, accurate and timely information.