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Scoir is a comprehensive web-based program that provides up-to-date college and career planning information. It provides students:
  • a way to search for colleges they may be interested in by setting up parameters such as location, specific major and activities, and number of undergraduates just to name a few
  • an area to add their activities and achievements, and then Scoir will format their information into a resume
  • YouScience – a series of psychometrically-valid brain games to uncover their natural talents. Research shows that YouScience has a statistically significant impact on students directly related to career guidance. Students’ aptitude measures are then combined with their interests to create a positive profile which includes career matches and language to better highlight their assets for interviews and their resume. This meaningful profile helps students to understand how their gifts and passions fit with real-world careers.
  •   Research colleges by comparing GPA and standardized test scores, and other statistics to actual historical data from our school. 
  •   Manage college application process timelines. 
Scoir provides school counselors: 
  • a tool to engage the school community with career and college information including direct messaging, 
  • easy-to-use surveys to track and analyze data, 
  • information and data (specific to MHS) to use with small groups and individual students in post-secondary planning sessions, 
  • online planning for college representative visits, 
  • an efficient electronic manner of sending transcripts and letters of recommendation to colleges for our students
  • a way to track the status of college applications