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Mariemont City Schools Policy, Plans & Programs


Elementary School Bullying Prevention Plans
Both Mariemont Elementary and Terrace Park Elementary are "Kindness Certified," as active participants in The Great Kindness Challenge.

Junior High School Bullying Prevention Plans

High School Bullying Prevention Plans

Mariemont City Schools Policy, Plans & Programs

Mariemont Board of Education Policy, 5517.07, is a state required policy and is based on 3313.666 Ohio Revised Code. Read Mariemont City Schools' full bullying identification and prevention policy here.

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Bullying Prevention Plans

All four of our schools implement comprehensive bullying prevention programs, based on months of preparation, research and study involving parents, students and staff. These plans include a range of initiatives, from empowering students to recognize and stop bullying to providing the structure, leadership and supervision to make this possible. We strive to make our schools safe and inspiring places for all people that enter our buildings.