Extended Closure

All Mariemont City Schools Buildings and facilities are closed. See the Coronavirus Updates webpage for details.

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The Alma Mater and Warrior Fight Song

The Alma Mater and Warrior Fight Song

Alma Mater
Hail, Blue and Gold,
to thee we will be true
where e’er we go,
whatever we may do.
When years have passed
and turned to memory,
dear to our hearts
thou shalt forever be.

Warrior Fight Song
Fight, fight, fight for Mariemont.
We’re all behind you,
so never mind you.
Win, win, win for Mariemont.
Come on let’s roll up the score.
We’ll always be behind you,
rooting for you,
helping you win.
We’re anxious for the finish
and we’ll cheer when you come in.
Come on and fight, fight, fight for Mariemont.
You do your best team.
We’ll do the rest team.
We’ll help you win this game, hey!