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Co-Creation Session

On December 15, 2020, a group of community members met for a Co-Creation session led by lead designer, Tom Gilmore. The group spent several hours reflecting on the Mariemont City Schools brand and the direction of the new logo, creating inspiration boards and concept ideas for the creation of the new district logo.
The purpose of the Co-Creation session was not to create a new logo, but to provide inspiration and collaboration amongst a diverse group of community members that included parents, alumni and staff from all of the district’s neighborhoods.
Below you will find a list of participants, as well as pictures from workshop.

Co-Creation Session Participants

Paola Biro
Michael Bronson
Josh Deeter
Kevin Ferry (teacher)
Liv Ferry (student)
Jamie Flerlage
Andrew Foley (student)
Keri Malafa
Jane McIntosh (student)
Lisa Miller
Jason Mondy
Kelli Neville (board member)
Heather O'Melia
Laura Organisciak (board member)
Ashley Scribner (teacher)
Jane Spooner (teacher)
Ben Stevens
Dan Telgkamp
Gina Tesnar
Kristin Van Scoy
Suzy Weinland
Leslie Willett
Brian Sugerman (teacher)
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