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Withdraw A Student

How to Withdraw A Student from Mariemont City Schools

We are sad to see you leave, and we want to help to make the transition to your new school smoother. Please follow the instructions below and stay in contact if you need anything from us to support the new school. 
  1. Contact your child’s school to let them know you will be withdrawing
  2. Complete the Intent to Withdrawal Form
  3. Pay outstanding school fees
  4. Return all devices, chargers, etc.
  5. Return any books/materials that belong to the school 
After these items are complete, your child’s records will be sent to their new school

Mariemont Elementary School
Chris Buxsel | [email protected]
Terrace Park Elementary School
Beverly Cooke | [email protected]
Mariemont Junior High School
Patty Murray | [email protected]
Mariemont High School
Dee Walter | [email protected]

Additional District Information: (click on applicable link below) 

Accounts Payable Information: 
Nancy Lonnemann - 513-272-7515
Rita Burke - 513-272-7514