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Chorus is a growing program here at Mariemont, and includes a wide range of students, all with varying degrees of experience in voice. At Mariemont we recognize that chorus is not simply about the talent of one person, but about what we contribute and create as a whole.

Mariemont's program is designed to teach students increasingly more about music and vocal technique as they progress through elementary, junior high, and high school. As students progress in school and their minds and voices expand, we encourage them to move from simply singing in chorus to learning and developing vocal technique, sight reading skills, and understanding music theory.

Our chorus welcomes students who simply love to sing, while challenging those who are more dedicated, by offering them opportunities to audition for our select groups such as our show chorus Showstoppers and our Chamber Chorus. Students also have the opportunity to audition for city wide Honor Chorus and the Solo & Ensemble Competition.

Regardless of level, our program emphasizes performance skill and love of music. Our instructors try to choose a variety of music, and to make selections that students will love, and ask that singers always be open minded in trying new things.