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Student Awards & Scholarships

Mariemont High School

2018-19 MAA Awards

$1,500 Scholarship Winners
The MAA criteria for evaluating applicants is Participation, Leadership, Merit, and Future Plans. In assessing each candidate, MAA reviews applications, personal essay, letter of recommendation, and their portfolio.

Jacob Cox
Kennedy McNeil
Mary Bruner
Natalie Eisenhauer

Ginny Hoffman Award
Jacob Cox

Pam Coburn Award
Chloe Shenton

2018-19 Scholastic Art Awards
Congratulations to our 2018-19 regional high school Scholastic Art Awards winners! Mariemont High School received 2 Gold, 3 Silver, and 4 Honorable Mentions awards. And junior Shannon Renner received the Governor's Award. Congrats to all of our artists!

Kyleigh Dhonau - Gold Key (photography)
Kyleigh Dhonau - Silver Key (photography)
Andrew Foley - Gold Key (photography)
Anrdew Foley - Silver Key (photography)
Georgie Methe - Silver Key (photography)
Nathan Cox - Honorable Mention (photography)
Daniel Paker - Honorable Mention (photography)
John Baumgardner - Honorable Mention (photography)
Ryan Scarborough - Honorable Mention (drawing)
Shannon Renner - Governor's Award