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Global and Cultural Perspectives Staff Professional Development

The Global and Cultural Perspectives Committee has led professional development sessions for all staff members at various Mariemont Academy days over the past five years, during which it has asked all staff members to:
  • Become aware of any cultural biases they may hold;
  • Model compassion to each and every student, parent, coworker and community member they interact with;
  • Teach tolerance to students and demonstrate tolerance with their actions;
  • Be an active Upstander – stop unacceptable language and jargon when they hear it;
  • Ask questions.

Below is a list of materials from previous Global and Cultural Perspectives Mariemont Academy sessions that all staff have engaged with.

Cultural Proficiency

Cultural Proficiency Continuum

Ways to Take Action: 12 Strategies for Speaking Up Against Stereotypes

One Degree Shift

Matters of the Heart: Sessions, Topics and Resources

Speak Up Against Bias Pocket Guide

2020-2021 Staff Professional Development

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