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Global and Cultural Perspectives

Global and cultural MM Perspectives Committee

Mariemont City Schools is very clear and direct in our desire to maintain an inclusive and respectful learning environment.

  • We support and encourage all of our students, staff and their families regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or any other individual characterization, and we will not tolerate any acts of hate or exclusion.
  • We strive for our students to be global learners with a well-rounded educational experience and to be deeply committed members of the community and world (Mariemont City Schools instructional vision).
  • The first objective of the district’s achievement goal is that student learning will be enhanced through diverse curricular options and enriching experiences that drive deeper understanding and skill development and support global competency, and annually, we develop specific action steps in the District Action Plan to further this work.

This webpage will be a central place for community members to learn about our district’s values, read about the work of the Global and Cultural Perspectives Committee, find helpful resources for themselves and their children and create a dialogue with the district about these issues. Stay tuned to this page as more information and updates are added.