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Global and Cultural Perspectives

Global and cultural MM Perspectives Committee
Destination 2026, the district’s strategic plan, represents our commitment to creating a school culture that is purposeful and safe, promotes positive relationships, provides a well-rounded educational experience and encourages students to be global learners and deeply-committed members of the community and world. We recognize that our Mariemont students compete not just locally, but on the national and international stages.
We are one of the top school districts in Ohio and in the country. Our goal must always be to move forward and reach higher levels of achievement. Doing so means offering a well-rounded education through researched instructional strategies, a multitude of curricular options and enriching experiences in order to meet their needs and prepare each of them to be leaders in our global society. 
We recognize the dignity of all individuals in our schools. 
The Global & Cultural Perspectives webpage is a central place for parents and community members to learn about the district’s work in this area. Stay tuned to this page as more information and updates are added regularly.

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