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Vendor Registration Information


Interested in becoming a vendor with Mariemont City Schools? Please review our process for registering vendors (below).
  1. Visit the Mariemont City Schools Vendor Registration link here.
  2. Enter the formal name of the business (the name entered on the W9); if you are an independent contractor, enter your name in the following form:  last name, first name  title or suffix.
  3. Select the “Ownership” type for the company.
  4. Enter complete address for the main company location.
  5. Enter phone number of person/department that handles customer service for the business.
  6. Enter website URL for the business.
  7. Enter federal tax identification number for the business; if none, enter social security number of majority owner of firm.
  8. Attach an electronic copy of the business’s IRS Form W-9.
  9. Indicate whether the business accepts purchase orders by selecting “yes” or “no."
  10. If purchase orders processing address same as above, click yes.  If not, enter address of purchase order processing office.
  11. If applicable, enter fax number of person/department that receives purchase orders.
  12. Enter name of contact person/sales rep for Mariemont City Schools purchase orders.
  13. Enter email address of person/department that is responsible for purchase order processing.
  14. NIGP Code – follow steps below to choose appropriate NIGP codes:
    • Click on down arrow key and select category from listed choices.
    • This will populate classifications within selected category, click down arrow key and select appropriate “class.”
    • To select additional classes, hit the “add class” button to the right of this field until all appropriate classes selected.
    • To select additional categories, follow steps a thru c above.
  15. Provide a brief description of the types of product(s) and/or service(s) the business can provide the Mariemont City Schools.
  16. Hit the submit button to complete the registration process.  
Please email questions to t[email protected].