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Luke Wiseman

Luke Wiseman Receives the 2017 Award of Excellence

Posted May 5, 2017
The Mariemont City Schools Award of Excellence is awarded to an individual who exemplifies dedication to and support of the Mariemont City School District, and this year Luke Wiseman was selected to receive this award.

Wiseman taught three years in other school districts before his arrival at Mariemont High School in 1999. He graduated with a major in English Literature and Writing from Ohio Wesleyan University and he obtained his Master’s degree from Northern Kentucky University. He has studied literacy at the University of Cincinnati and has attended workshops and seminars sponsored by the College Board, the National Writing Project, the American Society of Newspaper Editors, and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. He is a member and former officer of the National Council of Teachers of English, where he has presented at past national conventions. He obtained his National Board Certification from the Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Wiseman attended a National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar in London, England, and is currently a Reader for the AP English Literature and Composition Exam. He has taught journalism and freshman and senior English courses at our high school and he is also the advisor of the Warpath, the official student news source for Mariemont High School, and Leadership Council.

Mr. Wiseman was nominated by multiple people, and here is an excerpt from one student submission: "I have had Mr. Wiseman as a teacher since sophomore year (I am currently a senior). As the only sophomore girl in a journalism class of all boys, naturally I was very timid. Through Mr. Wiseman's amazing mentoring, advice and guidance, I broke through my shell and found my voice...He made me see myself as a leader through his own spectacular example. He made me a more kind and understanding person to my classmates with his caring heart. And, most importantly, he made me see myself and fellow classmates as people even more capable than we ever realized."

Luke Wiseman is also Mariemont City School District's representative for this year's "Educator of the Year" for the Hamilton County Education Foundation. The award honors those in the public school education field who exemplify the best in their profession. He will be recognized at the "Celebrate Excellence" breakfast and ceremony, hosted by  Thomas Tucker, who was named the 2016 AASA Superintendent of the Year.

The Mariemont City School District also recognized 37 district staff members who were nominated for the 2017 Award of Excellence by their peers, community members, parents or students.

"All of these incredible staff members exemplify the commitment, leadership and innovation that I hope inspires our students to realize their full potential and strive to do their best," said Steven Estepp, district superintendent. "They put forth the effort to make a positive difference not only in the lives of our students, but in the lives of their colleagues and every person who walks through the doors of our schools."

Congratulations to the following staff members:

Amy Kapcar
Amy Leatherwood
Angela Pontious
Betsy Ecker
Beverly Cooke
Darrell Deskins
David Valentine
Dee Walter
Dennis Koenigsknecht
Emily Colpi
Eric Weiss
Ericka Simmons
Erik Vanags
Jay Roden
Jessica Long
Jillian Strall
Joe Regruth
John Parker
John Tenhunfeld
Julie Koehler
Kristy Bruck
Kurry Commins
Lindsay Butler
Lisa Good
Lisa Mock
Marissa Szabo
Mary Jacob
MaryBeth Khamis
Matt Patterson
Michael Becksfort
Mike Hanley
Roseanna Kropf
Suzi Lehman
Tami Croll
Terri Thomas
Tom Zaya
Tricia Buchert