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Logo Usage Guidelines

Logo Usage Guidelines

Access & Usage
Because the Warrior is the Mariemont City Schools mascot and not solely an athletic logo, all organizations directly affiliated with the school district are permitted to use the logo for fundraising purposes or otherwise, including, but not limited to, PTOs, the Mariemont Athletic Boosters, the Mariemont Arts Association, the Alumni Association and the Mariemont Foundation. Logo usage is unlimited to these organizations in its correct format and usage. There are no stipulations for these groups.

Individual clubs and athletic teams are not permitted to use the Warrior logo for fundraising purposes or for usage on any items with the exception of uniforms. The Mariemont City Schools director of communications must be contacted for permission, direction and assistance if a club or team wishes to offer spirit packs or any other collateral items that are branded with the Warrior mark to people who are not team or club members (i.e. parents, fans, etc.). Exception: All clubs and organizations are permitted to use the Warrior logo for fundraising purposes for the Mariemont High School Holiday Fair only.

The brand mark must be used properly and with consistent application on all items, at all times and within all parties. The director of communications must approve all Warrior-branded apparel and items prior to production. The vendor must provide a proof of the design prior to production, which the director of communications will approve. A picture of the completed collateral item (shirt, hat, water bottle, etc.) should be sent to the director of communications to ensure consistent application of the brand mark throughout the production process. If there is a question about proper logo usage, contact the director of communications prior to design development or any time throughout the design process.

Unathorized Usage
Individuals and organizations outside the Mariemont City School District may not profit from Warrior logo usage through print, web or collateral design or implementation. Outside organizations are not permitted to distribute any items with the Warrior brand mark to the public without first consulting the director of communications. The Warrior brand mark is trademarked and has usage allowances exclusive to those organizations within the school district.
Email, Office Phone
Alex Lange
Director of Communications
Office: 513-272-7513
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