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Jessica Long

Jessica Long Named 2018 Award of Excellence Recipient

Jessica Long
Posted April 27, 2018
The Mariemont City School District Award of Excellence is awarded annually to an individual who exemplifies dedication to and support of Mariemont City Schools. Mariemont High School science teacher Jessica Long is the recipient of the 2018 Award of Excellence.

Long has taken the district by storm since she started as a split science teacher at Mariemont Junior High School and Mariemont High School in 2015-16. This school year she took over the role as biology teacher at MHS where she has had a positive impact on students, parents and fellow staff members alike.

In a district that prides itself on innovative practices and teaching, Jessica is a true pioneer in incorporating technology into her lessons and was even featured in a State of the Schools video to demonstrate her used of technology in the classroom.
She often hosts professional development seminars with her colleagues during lunch, has received her Google certification, is a key component of the district’s Embrace Growth teams, chartered a hiking club at the high school and has a passion for poetry – somehow finding the time to write a poem a day.

Congratulations to the following staff members who also were nominated for the Award of Excellence by a student, parent, community member or colleague:

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