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Amanda McHugh

Amanda McHugh Receives the 2016 Award of Excellence

Posted May 18, 2016
The Mariemont City Schools Award of Excellence is awarded to an individual who exemplifies dedication to and support of the Mariemont City School District and this year, Amanda McHugh was selected to receive this award.

Amanda McHugh is currently in her 13th year of teaching, with 11 of those years spent at Mariemont City Schools as an Intervention Specialist at Mariemont Elementary School. She received her undergraduate degree in Special Education at the University of Dayton; received her masters of Special Education at Xavier University; and previously taught at Cincinnati Public Schools.

"This is my 10th year working collaboratively with Amanda. We have learned a ton together, and she always inspires, respects and challenges herself, her colleagues and her students to operate to their fullest potential," said Jennifer O'Brien, who is occupational therapist at Mariemont Elementary and one of the people who nominated Amanda for the award. "She leads herself and the team...with authenticity, respect and thoroughness...She strives daily to improve herself personally and professionally through the traditions of where she and the district have come from and the innovation of where she would like to go in the future."

Amanda McHugh is also Mariemont City School District's representative for this year's "Educator of the Year" for the Hamilton County Education Foundation. The award honors those in the public school education field who exemplify the best in their profession. She was recently recognized at the "Celebrate Excellence" breakfast and ceremony, hosted by Clyde Gray, a longtime news anchor at WCPO-TV who retired last year.

The Mariemont City School District also recognized 27 district staff members who were nominated for the 2016 Award of Excellence by their peers, community members, parents or students.

"All of these incredible staff members put forth such a resolute and collaborative effort to make a positive difference in the lives of our students," said Steven Estepp, district superintendent. "They embody the values of tradition, community and innovation that make our district such a special place to live, work and learn."

Congratulations to the following staff members:

Shannon Kromer
Colleen Herking
Jay Roden
Jeff Timmers
Courtney Miller
Julie Crawford
Jusiah (Sy) Miller
Matt Patterson
Missy Fields
Nancy Bobbitt
Ericka Simmons
Debbie Hayes
Erik Vanags
Judy Dunlap
Amanda Leszczuk
Julie Bell
MaryBeth Khamis
Pam Tackett
Emily Colpi
Tom Nerl
Tom Amlung
Molly Connaughton
Lindsay Merten
Jennifer Hrovat
Julie Parker
Lauren Dammel
Darrell Deskins