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Alumni Spotlight - Ryan Fine

Ryan Fine, Class of 2013

I am a musician and have been based in Nashville, Tennessee since 2017. I play piano, sing, write, and produce songs every single day.
Some cool things I have been a part of:
1. Starting my own custom songwriting company called Fine-Tuned Custom Songs. I have written over 600 songs for people’s companies, birthdays, anniversaries, and just for fun! I even wrote jingles for businesses you may know about from the show Shark Tank.
2. I have a lot of recorded music out today that can be accessed on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. and I have over 740,000 streams on Spotify alone!
3. I was voted Best Instrumentalist for 2019 & 2020 of the Nashville Scene’s annual “Best Of” contest over names like Keith Urban and Ben Folds.
4. I wrote music for an original musical that was performed at Sycamore High School about Romeo & Juliet.
5. My song “You Make Me Believe” was featured on the latest season of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior. I have also had my music played in Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman's show called Making It. 

If you're searching for a song or jingle, visit!

Mariemont made it easy for me to take part in band, choir, drumline, stock club, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, student leadership, soccer, and the musicals. I never felt like I had to pick one thing over another, which is a luxury many students at different schools don’t have. All of my teachers catered their teaching styles to their students and wanted what was best for us. I remember having a great connection with all of my teachers beyond the curriculum. I learned a lot about discipline, respect, leadership, and most of all how to have fun among stressful situations. Mariemont has incredibly high standards that they make achievable, wanting us scholars of today to be the leaders of tomorrow!