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Alumni Spotlight - Hans Hinebaugh

Hans Hinebaugh, Class of 2014

Post Mariemont, I attended the University of Southern California, where I received by BA in Cinema and Media Studies and a BS in Accounting. At USC, I participated in a variety of clubs and activities, worked on a few short film productions, and interned with The Walt Disney Company, completing internships supporting ABC Studios' Post-Production department, as well as Disneyland's operational finance teams (supporting the hotels, theme parks, and other resort lines of business). After graduation, I began a two year accounting and finance rotation program with the company, supporting a variety of segment and corporate operations. Today, I am currently working as a Senior Financial Analyst with Disney's Investor Relations team where we try to manage our company's relationship with Wall Street stakeholders. This job has been particularly exciting for me because I am fascinated by all parts of the Walt Disney Company, and our team's job is to wrap our heads around whatever events in the company are notable and newsworthy to investors.

The Mariemont faculty and staff provided me a stable foundation on which to build my passions. When I think back on my goals in high school, specifically regarding a career with Disney, I can't even count the number of times a teacher or staff member lent a serious ear to understand and direct me toward those dreams. Mariemont taught me that it's important to care about your own passions, and, just as important, you should reciprocate interest in the passions of others. It's a social skill that I believe has been critical to my development, both personally and professionally.