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Principal's Message

Dr. James Renner
Welcome to the 2024-2025 school year!
Established in 1939, Mariemont High School has provided an exemplary public education for the children of our four communities for over eighty years. The rigorous college preparatory and Advanced Placement curriculum has ensured that our students achieve to their highest potential as they prepare for the college and careers to which they aspire after high school. The faculty and staff work diligently to make sure we are preparing students to be successful, contributing members of our society. Our dedication to tradition, community and innovation along with forming a strong partnership with an engaged educational community have contributed to making MHS one of Ohio’s premier high schools.

Our chief focus is to provide our students with a world-class education where students develop and practice self-awareness, global competency, skills to communicate effectively and the ability to collaborate with peers around the world. Our teachers endeavor to develop higher order and critical thinking skills, and infuse those skills into every aspect of a lesson. We strive to challenge every student at a level that matches their ability and will continue to focus on our mission of working smart, creating experience, and embracing growth.

Our students participate in a technologically-rich environment whereby they are provided with the necessary skills and tools to become technologically literate and achieve to their highest potential. Through extensive research, writing, collaboration and dialogue, students learn to become curious and resilient risk-takers. These engaged students take ownership of their own learning and, in turn, demonstrate passion for knowledge and solving problems

Our newly renovated Mariemont High School provides our students and school community with a high school building worthy of the students and staff that come through our doors each day. We are very grateful to our supportive community for investing in our future just as they have done since our inception.

Dr. James Renner
Principal, Mariemont High School
1 Warrior Way
Cincinnati, Ohio 45227