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Mariemont Junior High PTO

Students and teachers at Kings Island Join Us!
The PTO does a phenomenal job of supporting the staff, teachers and students at MJH.  We get the job done with membership and donations. Please join the PTO and get involved. To join PTO, please access the membership link on the left.

Opportunity for Parent Involvement:
While our children are becoming more and more independent, it's important that we stay connected to what is happening in their lives. Getting involved in the PTO is a great way to stay connected in a positive and meaningful way.

Want to get a feel for a typical end-of-the-day at school? Volunteer for the Snack Bar! Those kids are hungry and in a hurry in that tiny gap between last class and sports practice. Work full time? You may be able to help at a PTO-sponsored MJHS Night Out. Check out our Volunteer Sign-Up for more ideas. All of our volunteer opportunities are listed on Please sign up in ares that are in line with your interests and talents. Thank you for your time!  Enjoy your involvement!