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Article: Steve Spooner Named 2023 Friend of the School Award Recipient

Steve Spooner Named 2023 Friend of the School Award Recipient

BOE and Steve Spooner

In 2015, the Mariemont City School District launched the Marie Huenefeld Friend of the School Award to recognize individuals in the community who make significant contributions to the school district with their time, service and/or expertise to create a better experience for students. At the June Board of Education meeting, Steve Spooner was officially recognized as the 2023 recipient of the Marie Huenefeld Friend of the School Award.
Steve and his family have been residents of the Mariemont City School District for 35 years. His five children (Michael 2005, Mary 2007, David 2009, Jane 2012 and Chris 2016) all graduated from Mariemont High School, completing a period of 24 straight years that he and his wife Terri had a child in our school district.
Over those two and half decades as a school district parent, Steve volunteered as a member of many support organizations, including the Superintendent’s Advisory Council, the Mariemont Athletic Boosters, Kiwanis and WizKids, recently concluding his stint as the Kiwanis president.
 And while he has been an integral member of all these groups, most of our school district community will probably recognize him for another role he served, along the sidelines of athletic fields and arts performances.
Steve found a love for photos in high school and utilized a dark room in his parents’ house to grow his hobby. As a student he began taking photographs of Rocky River sports and selling them to local parents, beginning his foray as an accomplished photographer.
In 2007 he transitioned his skillset to the Mariemont City School District where he began attending sporting events, arts performances, graduations, youth sports, special events and more. Through his website, he has made his thousands of images available to purchase, giving easy access to professional photography for any interested student and family member.
In addition to sharing his pictures with families, his work is often featured in district publications and in the student highlight banners hanging outside the arts and athletics wings of Mariemont High School, demonstrating his willingness to support our school district with his talent and time.
We are so thankful to Steve for his dedication to Mariemont City Schools and for helping to preserve these special memories for generations to come.

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