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Article: Teaching During a Pandemic: Ms. Faith Mott

Teaching During a Pandemic: Ms. Faith Mott

Faith Mott Classroom

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, much has changed across the globe. But one thing has remained the same: teaching and learning need to continue for our students. 
Since March of 2020, Mariemont City Schools has faced a daunting challenge: how do we keep all students, staff and the community safe and healthy while also providing the educational continuity needed to advance our learners? It is certainly not an easy task but the Mariemont City Schools teachers have been up for the challenge. 
In the upcoming October issue of The Experience: The official newsmagazine of Mariemont City Schools, the district will feature seven teachers from all four school buildings. They will describe “teaching through a pandemic” in their own words and share what has changed about teaching this year, what is different in their own classrooms and what they have learned since March.
Below, read the experience of elementary music teacher Faith Mott.
Faith Mott
I teach music grades K-6 at Mariemont Elementary. While in Tier 2, I taught kindergarten.
Q: How has teaching changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic?
A: Teaching has changed during a pandemic because there is a spotlight on social, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Our students have a range of emotions and concerns about the pandemic, and addressing those needs and concerns is a priority. 
Q: How is teaching different for you specifically during the pandemic?
A: The biggest difference for me as an educator is teaching from a variety of spaces. We currently don't use my music classroom, but I travel by cart to each classroom for music instruction.
Q: What is one thing you have learned from teaching during a pandemic?
A: I have learned that flexibility is key to serve our students in the best possible way during this time. Also, I have grown to appreciate even more so the relationships I have with my hundreds of learners. I am lucky to be able to continue to teach my students from kindergarten until they leave Mariemont Elementary. Those relationships are one of my favorite aspects of my position!

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