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Article: 58 Mariemont City Schools Art Students Participate in Sister Cities Exhibit

58 Mariemont City Schools Art Students Participate in Sister Cities Exhibit

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Mariemont City School District students from all four school buildings recently participated in a collaborative art exhibit in Liuzhou, China. This was the third time MCSD has been invited to be a part of a cooperative show with our Chinese sister city, as well as Bandung (Indonesia), Mantinlupa (Philippines) and Ami (Japan).
The Liuzhou Foreign Affairs Office invited students in Cincinnati to participate in the event to deepen the cultural exchange between Liuzhou and Cincinnati. This year’s theme was “Our Cuisine” and artists were encouraged to depict local food, ingredients, tableware and other aspects of the cooking process to promote food culture, deepen mutual understanding between Chinese and foreign teenagers and children and enhance the friendship between Liuzhou City and its international partners.
The Friendly Cities Painting Exhibition, which concluded in December, was a great success. The 2023 show was judged by an expert jury, with 170 winning works selected, followed by a three-day in-person exhibition in Liuzhou for the public to visit. According to Joe Hamrick, Chairman of the Cin-Liu Sister City Committee, Mariemont Schools are becoming quite well known in Liuzhou. It is an honor for the students of Mariemont to represent Cincinnati in this cooperative event.
Congratulations to the following students who received an award:
Second Prize:
Liam Kirtland, Mariemont Elementary School, “Pop Art Octopus”
Maya Dorsey, Mariemont Junior High School, “Food Print”
Abby Lindsley, Mariemont Junior High School, “Watchya Mean? This is a completely normal Burger”
Third Prize:
Delilah Smith, Mariemont Elementary School, “Surreal Burger Self Portrait”
Eesa Miller, Mariemont Elementary School, “Starbucks”
Claire Long, Mariemont High School, “Pop Can”
Jackson Savage, Mariemont Junior High School, “Food Print”
Marlow Linz, Terrace Park Elementary School, “Birthday Bash”
Audrey Gaughan, Mariemont High School, “Pumpkin Season”
Honorable Mention:
Julius Thrower, Mariemont Elementary School, “Breakfast Over Easy”
Daxton Vaughan, Mariemont Elementary School, “Pop Art Pineapple”
Hayes Johnston, Terrace Park Elementary School, “The Triple”
Here is a complete list of students who had their work selected to be a part of the collaboration:
Terrace Park Elementary School
Halsey Lauch
Gabby Anderson
Marlow Linz
Lena Arnold
Iris Boache
Blake Kramer
Ethan Vandenlangenberg
Liam Conine
Nolan Buscemi
Hayes Johnston
Wiley Toon
Sammuel Dunning
Maeryn Quinn
William Bortz-Druffel
Luke Foxbower
Finley Szabo
Teddy Williamson
Mariemont Elementary School
Craig Goulait
Claire Everhart
Joseph McCotter
Delilah Smith
Marlowe Matteucci
Everett Martin
Liam Kirtland
Graham Cline
Elliot Simpson
Curran Love
Adrian Fearing
Julius Thrower
Alice Blackmore
Logan Wilson
Julia Ferro
Emree Crandall
Eesa Miller
Ethan Finke
Owen Friedhoff
Katie Feazell
Oliver Hymer
Ilo Foster
Daxton Vaughan
Lucas Adams
Evelyn Driggett
Paige Henry
Mariemont Junior High School
E. DeArmitt
Celia Johnson
Lily Kirtland
Jackson Savage
Maya Dorsey
Abby Lindsley
Audrey Satterwhite
Killarney Eyer
Rex Werner
Mai DeMain
Mariemont High School
Molly Hurt
Claire Long
Micah Mahadevan
Charlotte Soller
Audrey Gaughan


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