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Article: Nostalgia for the Year that was; Anticipation for What’s to Come

Nostalgia for the Year that was; Anticipation for What’s to Come

Posted June 3, 2019
As we wrap up another school year and conclude the end-of-year festivities and programs, I can’t help but be filled with nostalgia at the year that was 2018-19.

As we prepare for sixth grade graduation ceremonies at Mariemont Elementary and Terrace Park Elementary, I remember the first day of school celebrations each had back in August. As our eighth grade students experience their annual trip to Washington, D.C, I think back to our summer One-to-One device rollout when our junior high and elementary students excitedly picked up their iPads. And last week as I led the Mariemont High School groundbreaking ceremony, I couldn’t help but think back to November and the appreciation we all felt for the support of our community.

Yes, the year has been filled with celebrations, hard work, triumphs and innovations. It was a year that saw national recognition and record-breaking momentum within our classrooms. It was a year that brought the beginning of the Mariemont High School facility project and so many student achievements. It was, without a doubt, a school year I will never forget.

But with that comes the turning of a new leaf. Because while it certainly was a great year, I want to make sure we do more than just reflect on its successes. I want to use the success of 2018-19 to propel us to an even greater 2019-2020.

Next school year will be one of change for the district. The next time we are all together again, Mariemont High School will have transitioned instruction into temporary classrooms while the MHS facility project continues. We know these classrooms will still be nicer than what our students occupied this year. And we know that this year of change will not affect the learning of our students in any facet. But we also know this is just a temporary inconvenience in return for the great things this project will bring our district for years to come!

So go ahead and reflect on this year. Remember fondly the Halloween parades, the science fairs, the spring musicals and the sporting events. But do so with anticipation of what is to come. Because I have a feeling that 2019-2020 could be one of our best years yet! 

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