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Life & Leadership Series

Life & Leadership Series

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The Life & Leadership Development Series is a collaboration between Mariemont City Schools and the Mariemont School Foundation to bring high-quality national experts and experiences to the district. The programs included in this series build upon the already robust offerings through the College & Career Planning Center, creating an even more vibrant and well-rounded college and career planning experience for our students and parents.

College Admissions National Speaker
Each school year, the director of college & career counseling arranges a nationally-renowned college admission expert to present to district students and their parents and guardians. These experts offer insight and answer questions on topics such as the application process and choosing a college that is right for you.

Essay-Writing Workshop
In early spring, high school juniors spend part of the school day working with a college essay writing expert. This expert works individually with students to assist them with both the technique and the content of their college essays.

Senior Transition Workshop
Held during the spring of their senior year, students attend a seminar to assist them in making a successful transition to life after high school. Topics include: managing homesickness, navigating roommate issues, making new connections, building strong study habits, and making healthy and smart choices in college.
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The Mariemont School Foundation is an independent non-profit organization, whose mission is to support the long-term success of the Mariemont City School District students and community through initiatives that preserve, enhance and sustain educational excellence. Please visit the Foundation website, like the Foundation on Facebook or follow the Foundation on Twitter to learn more about the programs the Foundation supports or to make a contribution. 
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