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K-3 Screening Days

With the mandated closure of school buildings that took place during the last portion of the 2019-2020 school year, it is necessary for Mariemont City Schools to consider the implications on instruction and student learning. During the remote learning experience, teaching and learning continued, however, instruction and assessment of student skills did not follow the typical path to which teachers, students and families are accustomed.

Knowing that we were not able to capture a full picture of our student skills and abilities during the last quarter of the 2019-2020 school year, we have been working to find ways to ensure that the 2020-21 teachers know the strengths and needs of students. Through the collaboration of grade-level teachers and district instructional coaches, we are working to ensure a seamless transition for all students.

As a part of our academic recovery plan and to further prepare for the opening of school in the fall, we will be conducting screening days at the elementary buildings for our 1st-3rd grade students (similar to what we do with our incoming kindergarten students) to assess our learners in the areas of Reading and Math prior to the first day of school. 

Both schools will run screening days on the following schedule:
  • First Grade: Monday, Aug. 10, and Tuesday, Aug. 11
  • Second Grade: Wednesday, Aug. 12
  • Third Grade: Thursday, Aug. 13
  • Kindergarten: Friday, Aug. 14 (kindergarten parents will receive a separate sign-up for kindergarten screening during the online registration process)

Mariemont Elementary Screening Day Registration
Terrace Park Elementary Screening Day Registration

Any student who is unable to attend the screening day(s) will be screened during their school phase-in day.

In preparation for the screening days and the beginning of the 2020-21 school year, students can find a list of reading and math activities posted on the RESTART webpage of the district website. 

Screening Day Safety Procedures and Protocols

Students will use designated entrances to enter the school building (the entrance designation will be communicated prior to the start of screening days.) Upon arrival we ask that all students follow the markings on the floor to practice 6’ of social distancing.

Prior to students entering classrooms we will be conducting temperature checks and if a student has a fever we will notify the parent/guardian immediately. After having their temperature taken each student will use the available hand sanitizer.  

We ask that all students arrive with cloth facial coverings unless previous arrangements have been made in accordance to our policy. The facial covering should remain on at all times unless otherwise directed by a staff member.

Once in the building we ask that students continue to use the markings on the floor to remain at a safe distance from other individuals.  

Parents need to remain outside of the school building during the screening process, with an exception to Kindergarten if the student is feeling unsure or nervous about the process. In this case we ask that the parent follow the same guidelines of a cloth facial covering and temperature check.

Screening Day Questions/Concerns

Should you have further questions about screening days, please reach out to your building’s main office:
Mariemont Elementary – 272-7400
Terrace Park Elementary – 272-7700