Bruce Miller

Bruce Miller
Teacher, Math/Computer Science
[email protected]

Building/Department Assignments:
Mariemont High School - Mariemont High School Staff

Biographical Information:
Bruce has taught at Mariemont High School in the Math Department and Technology Department since 1991.  He currently teaches 4 levels of Programming (Introductory Programming, AP Computer Science A, Data Structures, and Advanced Computer Science Topics), CP Calculus, AP BC Calculus, and Multivariable Calculus.  He began teaching in 1978 in Newark, Ohio at Kennedy Junior High School after graduating from Marietta College with a B.S. in Mathematics that same year.  After teaching in Newark for 2 years while his wife, Karen, finished her degree at The Ohio State University, the Millers moved to Arizona.  Bruce taugtht at Sahuarita High School, south of Tucson, for 1 year before attending the University of Arizona as a G.A./T.A. in the Mathematics Department during the 1981 academic year.  Bruce then taught at Marana High School, northwest of Tucson, from 1982-1991.  In 1988 he took a year-long sabbatical and returned to teach and study once again at the University of Arizona.  Bruce also taught during the summers at U of A in a Freshman Entry Program during his years in Arizona. Though Bruce earned many graduate hours (40+) over the years in Mathematics, Systems Engineering and Operations Research, Physics, Computer Science, and Education, he only recently earned a Masters degree.  He completed a Master of Arts Degree in Teaching Mathematics at the University of Cincinnati in 2012.  Bruce is a 1974 graduate of Anderson High School (pre-Turpin days).

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