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Great Oaks/Mariemont Students Head to State Business and Marketing Competition
*This article was published by Jon Weidlich of the Great Oaks Career Campuses*
Top Great Oaks/Mariemont business students are headed to state competition after placing among the top students in virtual regional business and marketing events.
The competitors had to make a recorded presentation that dealt with human relations problem solving, selling, promotion, economic concepts, management decision making, pricing, product development, planning marketing strategies, customer service problem solving or a combination of the above. They also took a one-hundred question multiple choice test on marketing and business concepts.  
The students are part of the High School Business program offered by Great Oaks Career Campuses at Mariemont High School and are members of the DECA student business and marketing organization. 
The state-bound students are:
  • Adam Takas, Accounting, first place
  • Brian Brady, Accounting, third
  • Ella Waltz, Apparel and Accessories Marketing, third
  • Sarah Comer, Apparel and Accessories Marketing, fourth
  • Bridget Gilmore, Automotive Services Marketing, fourth
  • William Trubisky, Automotive Services Marketing, first
  • Abby Black, Business Finance, third
  • Alex Harris, Business Services Marketing, third
  • Jimmy Sauter, Business Services Marketing, fourth
  • Lucy Dorn, Entrepreneurship, fourth
  • Caitlin Bortz, Food Marketing, third
  • Isabella Harris, Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling, second
  • Rachel Bohl, Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling, third
  • Caroline Soller, Hotel and Lodging, fifth
  • Amy Muller, Human Resources Management, third
  • Anna Morgan, Human Resources Management, fourth
  • Ellison Van Scoy, Human Resources Management, second
  • Lindsey Frye, Human Resources Management, fifth
  • Mary Tully, Marketing Communication Series, second
  • Hadley Dickinson, Principles of Business Management and Administration, second
  • Jacob Organisciak, Principles of Finance, fourth
  • William Pettifer, Professional Selling, third
  • Caroline Sweeney, Quick Serve Restaurant, fifth
  • Annie Byers, Restaurant and Food Service Management, fourth
  • Clara Hampton, Restaurant and Food Service Management, third
  • Thomas Buchert, Restaurant and Food Service Management, second
  • Courtney Kubicki, Retail Merchandising, fourth
  • Henry Buck, Retail Merchandising, second
  • Connor Jackson and London Hiltgen, Business Law and Ethics, third
  • Jonathan Cooper and William Young, Buying and Merchandising Team, first
  • Abby Mehl and Laney Riportella, Entrepreneurship Team, second
  • Grace Bohl and Max Megowen, Financial Service Management Team, first
  • Chase Hollander and Jackson House, Financial Service Management Team, third
  • Daniela DeCamp and Natalie Kubicki, Hospitality Services Team, fourth
  • Jackson Laite and Sam Northrop, Marketing Management Team, second
  • Ella Bennaman and Nick Comer, Marketing Management Team, fourth
  • Andrew Glassmeyer and Bryan Miller, Sports and Entertainment Marketing Team, first
  • Jaryd Hartman and Nick White, Sports and Entertainment Marketing Team, third
  • Anna Reiter and Delaney Osgood, Travel and Tourism Team, third
The top qualifiers advance to the DECA State Career Development Conference during March, with a chance to qualify for national competition.