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October 8 Update
The Mariemont City School District will remain in Tier 1 for the next 2 weeks.
As outlined in the RESTART plan and communicated previously, the district regularly monitors several metrics in collaboration with the Hamilton County Department of Health to assess the impact of COVID-19 on our schools and to determine which instructional tier to implement. 
Although Hamilton County has been assigned a red or level 3 risk level, other metrics we monitor including local and surrounding zip code data, school district COVID-19 data, test positivity rates and behavior risk management assessment have remained mostly consistent for the last two weeks and therefore do not indicate the need to change tiers at this time. We will continue to monitor all data points closely during the next two weeks for patterns or trends.
The next scheduled tier announcement is planned for Thursday, October 22.
The video below overviews how the decision for which instructional tier to implement is made.
Information about what to expect in Tier 1 can be found by clicking the links below and visiting the school district’s RESTART webpage at:
What to Expect in Tier 1 - Elementary
What to Expect in Tier 1 – Junior High
What to Expect in Tier 1 – High School

2020-2021 School Calendar Updates
In order to provide additional COVID-19/tiered instructional model related professional development programming for our staff, Mariemont City Schools has updated the 2020-21 school calendar to include two new Mariemont Academy days.
School will be closed for all in-person and Online Warriors students on the following days (in addition to the already established long weekend and holiday break):
  • Monday, October 19
  • Tuesday, November 24 
You can find the updated 2020-21 school calendar here.

  • it is very important that parents/guardians inform the school district if your child is quarantined because of close contact with someone COVID-19 positive;
  • we need to know if your child has been tested for COVID-19 and is awaiting results;
  • we also need to know if your child tests positive for COVID-19;
  • if your child is tested for COVID-19, please do not send them to school until you receive results back and they are negative.
Information about who and how to contact us is on our RESTART webpage under the “RESTART WHAT IF” link.