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MEPTO Minutes April 14, 2016
Posted April 25, 2016
Janine Cutcher called meeting to order at 9:00 AM. 12 in attendance.

President, Janine Cutcher:

1) Motion to approve meeting minutes from JanuaryMotion approved.

2) Back to school kits – information coming soon.

3) In Out Social – Laura Organisciak is hosting. Moved from May 16th to May 17th due to conflict with 2nd grade play.

4) Bench to be installed on Kindergarten play ground, purchased from Recreations Outlet.

Teachers’ Representation – Jill Colaw, 5th Grade

Jill thanks the PTO for the continued support and spoke of the following benefits:

= Omnimax visit was fully funded

= Shelley Pearsall, Author visit, was very successful. The kids loved it. In addition to getting to meet the author there were also writing workshops. Some commented that their kids came home talking about the experience for a week.

= Thanks for all the yummy food!

Treasurer Report, Shawn Tully (Janine provided update)

= Kroger Rewards brought in $985 so far. Need to renew in April. Janine will get with Anita.

= Caring and Sharing: Balance carried over is $760

= Talent Show: Event was a negative hit to budget for PTO. This was due to the fact that the girlscouts organized food and flowers and provided ‘complimentary’ babysitting. We did not know that the PTO reimbursed the babysitting and thus this cost was unplanned. Impact is -$477. This will be revisited next year.

= Math Games: Paid for math games in grades 1st through 6th for a total cost of $1200. Waiting for reimbursement requests from teachers. Literacy dollars need to be used. Laura O. is checking into this.

Principal Report, Ericka Simmons

= Mr. Estep was unavailable today.

= Thank you, PTO! There’s definitely a difference in our organization compared to other districts.

= Ericka is working on the building wishlist for needs in the school.

= Next Principal chat is Monday May 9th.

= Office construction is underway for the new Child Focus Mental Health Office.

= We will be hiring a full time Elementary Counselor for next year, 3 days/week. Mr. Vonderhaar has filled this role previously and this will allow him to focus on his job full time. This counselor will be available to everyone vs where the Child Focus person visits require insurance.

= Mr. T’s Retirement will be celebrated at Field Day. Mike Haney (Jr. High) will return as the Wellness Instructor, replacing Mr. T.

= Mrs. Petru is retiring. Rachel Obringer, from Terrace Park will fill in as part time reading specialist.

VP Update (Laura Organisciak)

= Jill Welch agreed to be VP next year.

= DI still needs a lead. Janine will send a reminder.

= Still looking for a secretary position for next year.

= – make sure you check out the website for local activities.

= Artists in Residence – Will spend $$ next year but looking for someone for next year.

Carnival Update (Jill Welch)

Raffle Sales Results:

= Overall we had a total of 2,444 tix sold – up about 400 from last year!!

= 212 students participated – up about 20 from last year.

Sponsorship Results:

= 12 sponsors totaling $2300 – up from 8 sponsors who donated $700 last year

= Tripled our donations


= Great parent, faculty, and community participation

= For the first time, all volunteer slots were booked in advance and did not require a last minute scramble

= Thanks!!

Carnival Poster/Ticket Boxes:

= Lots of great entries this year (21 poster) and (approx. 20 ticket boxes)

Total Results:

= Last year, our Carnival brought in $14,900

= This year, the Carnival raised $16,800 (13% increase)

= We met our goal!


= Ry Naticchioni is taking over for next year

= Still need Raffle Lead, Games & Prizes person to work with Tracy

= Ry will send an email near year end to ask for help

Talent Show, Mary Tensing

= 60 acts (29 4th to 6th grade, 31 K to 3rd)

= Tammy Kroll and Faith Mott deserve a huge thank you!

Spirit Wear (report emailed)

= 41 Spring orders vs 100 in Fall: Fall success attributed due to timing near Christmas.

= Will look for ways to boost spring order next year.

Teacher Staff Raffle (Lynn Barclay)

= $350 to $360 raised so far

= Last year we raised $1800

= Expecting a rush of tickets in final day

= Lynn and Jackie will manage next year as well

Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week (Stacy Wilson)

= Not much different from last year

= Monday – Starbucks $5 gift card giveaway

= Tuesday – Dunkin Donuts

= Wednesday – Le Soupe Luncheon: This is the biggest expenditure of the week

= Thursday – TBD: last year was complimentary massages but haven’t been successful getting commitment. Looking at other options.