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Kindness, Courage, Respect and the Mariemont Experience
Posted March 11, 2019
I often talk about the “Mariemont Experience” -- and much of what makes this experience so special are the extras that set our school district apart from others and create remarkable moments for the children of our community.

One of these moments is an annual event for hundreds of our students at all four schools.  Each year, many of our students participate in a retreat to promote positive school climate and teach constructive self and peer relationship techniques. 

In a partnership with Youth Frontiers (out of Minneapolis, Minnesota), all district fifth grade students complete the Kindness Retreat, seventh grade students complete the Courage Retreat and sophomores complete the Respect retreat. These retreats are a day-long, out-of-school activity with fun and engaging hosts, team building activities and valuable lessons about kindness, courage and respect.

As the superintendent, I see the impact these retreats have as students spend a day away from the classroom and get to know their classmates on a deeper level. And as a parent with children who have attended these retreats, I also see their power in teaching the value of showing kindness, displaying courage and demonstrating respect, both for yourself and others.

In a day and age where more and more students are showing signs of anxiety and depression and seeking counseling for mental health care, the Youth Frontiers retreats are a breath of fresh air. They teach our children the value of positive self-esteem, the consequences of bullying and how to stop unkind actions among their peers. All things I want our kids to know and demonstrate in and out of the classroom.

You can view pictures from all four retreats this year here on the district website.

A big thank you to the PTOs of each building who keep this wonderful tradition alive every year, paying for the retreats out of their annual funds. I am thankful that these organizations see the need and recognize the positive outcomes of the retreats as much as I do and are willing to fund this opportunity for our students.  It’s just one more reason the Mariemont City School District is such a special place to be!