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Article: Getting into the Holiday Spirit with MCSD Winter Concerts

Getting into the Holiday Spirit with MCSD Winter Concerts

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Those who know me best can all agree on one thing: I am a fanatic for the holiday season!
There is just something about the cold weather, festive decorations and quality time with loved ones that really raises my spirits. I look forward to this season all year long. But the one part of the holiday season that I might love the most is the music. I begin my holiday music binge each year on November 1 and I listen to it constantly until the season wraps up. In my mind, it isn’t a true holiday season without music.
And how lucky am I to work in a district that also loves holiday music?
Each year, students throughout the Mariemont City School District prepare for a season of eight different concerts, spanning all grade levels and all musical disciplines. This year, the youngest musicians at Terrace Park Elementary got us started with their concert on December 1, followed by an incredible night of combined performances from our high school band, orchestra and chorus on December 2. Last week we had a performance from the elementary chorus, two nights of Mariemont Elementary winter concerts and another combined show from the junior high students. And this week we wrap up the concert season with our elementary orchestra and band. It truly is three straight weeks of performances and it is the best way to head into a holiday season.
I love getting to see our students and staff come together for these shows. I really enjoy the performances, but more than that, I enjoy seeing the talent of the Mariemont City School District on display. From our youngest kindergarten musicians to our high school chamber ensembles, the concerts that our students are able to produce are top notch. If you haven’t been out to a winter concert I highly encourage you to try and catch one next year – you won’t be disappointed!
And what may be even more impressive than the talent on display from the students is that all of our concerts are produced by the same five music teachers. In a district of our size, our music teachers split their time between different grade levels, disciplines and buildings. Our district is so lucky to have such talented teachers leading our music department. These winter concerts (and all other musical productions) are always such a hit because of the time and dedication they put into their students and their crafts. Organizing one show is a tall task but creating, teaching and producing several shows in the span of a few weeks is simply amazing. I cannot say enough good things about these teachers and the experiences they create for their students every day!  
So after three weeks of festive winter concerts (and my favorite tunes), we should all thoroughly be in the holiday spirit! I hope you take the holiday season to love on family and friends, relax and recharge. Have a safe, happy and healthy holiday season, Warriors!

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