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Article: Saying Goodbye to the 2021-22 School Year

Saying Goodbye to the 2021-22 School Year

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This is the final week of the 2021-22 school year, and what a year it has been. Before we launch into summer break, it is fitting to take a moment or two to reflect on how far we have come and where we are headed.
We began this year in a wave of uncertainty, not knowing for sure how much the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic would affect the year or what it could continue to take away from our teachers and students. With a lot of optimism and a little hope, we opened our doors on August 25th ready for a new year of learning and growing despite what obstacles we may have faced. And what I witnessed over the next nine months was an extraordinary display of the true Warrior spirit rallying to create an unforgettable school year full of triumphs.
We saw academic achievements from every pocket of our district, including the prestigious National Blue Ribbon Award for Mariemont Junior High School. As I have said all year, being just the fourth school district in the state of Ohio to have all of its schools named National Blue Ribbon schools is a tremendous feat. I have seen firsthand just how much hard work goes into earning this award, and I am so proud of our entire Mariemont City Schools community for making this a reality.
We also set records with art and music awards, DECA conferences, athletic successes and even eSports competitions. It seemed that everywhere we turned this school year, students and staff were shining a light on the many opportunities that are part of the Mariemont Experience.
And along with the accomplishments, this year also brought its share of challenges and heartbreak. But what persevered through these hardships was a community of Warriors banding together to love, support and encourage one another. In the face of true adversity, I saw our students and staff holding each other up and moving forward together. When I look back on this school year, I will always remember that.
So as we say goodbye to the 2021-22 school year, we do so with an eye on the future. Because we’ll never get where we’re going if we lose sight of the destination.
In 2022-23 we will continue to push forwards towards Destination 2026, our strategic plan to guide the instructional future of Mariemont City Schools. We will follow that blueprint to maximize learner autonomy and capacity to thrive through rigorous curriculum design, instructional best practices, meaningful programming and purposeful environments. And we will always make sure to work smart, create experience and embrace growth throughout each and every day to position Mariemont City Schools for today, tomorrow and beyond!
As we close the chapter on this school year, I wish our entire Mariemont City Schools Community a safe and happy summer break. I cannot wait to see you all again in August as we start a new chapter in our story!

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