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Article: Through a Difficult 2020, Thank You!

Through a Difficult 2020, Thank You!

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Each year, we celebrate Thanksgiving and take time to reflect upon all that we are thankful for. And this year, it seems just a bit more important and needed than ever.
It’s no secret that this year has been hard. Just about every aspect of our daily lives has been turned upside down. Our character, strength and perseverance have been tested at every turn. So in 2020, a year mired by so much uncertainty, anxiety and stress, I want to give my sincerest thanks and gratitude to the wonderful people who make up our school district, inside and out.
To our Mariemont City Schools students – thank you for your open minds and your willingness to adapt. Thank you for coming to school every day with a smile (under your masks!) ready to learn. Whether you are learning in person or online, you have been committed to intentional learning for the entire year, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Thank you for being the backbone of what we do, the reason we are here. Your commitment has inspired us every day!
To our community – thank you for standing by us and supporting us throughout this challenging time. While we are sad you can’t be in classrooms visiting and volunteering, we feel your support and love from afar. From your generous donations to the Angel Fund in the spring to the creative “parties in a bag” for our elementary classrooms, your consistent daily support keeps us going. Thank you for always having our backs!
And finally, to our staff – I cannot express enough thanks to you. I know this year has been hard. In an instant you had to re-learn everything you knew about teaching. The engaging, hands-on, collaborative classrooms that you spent years building had to be done in new ways. You had to learn new technology and pedagogy to simultaneously teach students in a classroom and remote. And you had to do all of this while also enforcing new safety and health guidelines with your students.
But you did it. And you’re still doing it. And I am so thankful for you.
This year has thrown a lot at you but your dedication to your students has never wavered. I walk through buildings and time and time again I see teachers, aides, counselors, therapists, administrative assistants, custodians and principals all rising to the occasion. Despite everything, our students are still getting the excellent education promised in Mariemont City Schools. As your superintendent, and as a parent, I am so grateful for you all.
So as we head into Thanksgiving and the holiday season, I hope you all know just how thankful I am for everyone who is a part of our district. We simply could not function without you.
I wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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