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Article: Who is Creating your #MariemontExperience?

Who is Creating your #MariemontExperience?

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We talk a lot about the Mariemont Experience in our schools. It’s what sets us apart from other districts and makes us truly unique. And what I like most about the Mariemont Experience is that it means something different to everyone.
To some, the Mariemont Experience is the experiential learning we provide every student, or the opportunity for students to participate in as many extra-curricular activities as they want. To others, it’s the individualized education, meeting each student where they are to give them all a chance at success.
Personally, I think it’s a combination of all of the above that defines the Mariemont Experience. It’s the unique blend of practices and programming that makes our district special.
But what we can all agree on is that we wouldn’t have a Mariemont Experience if it weren’t for the amazing staff members we have in each of our school buildings and across the district. Each time I walk through the halls of our schools, I leave truly amazed at the people that make up Mariemont City Schools. Our teachers, administrators, aides, therapists, office staff, custodians, coaches, bus drivers, maintenance technicians – they all play such a large role in making our unique experience what it is.
We ask a lot of our staff each year. We want to excel academically while always having the best interest of each individual student in mind. We want to provide rigorous courses that prepare each student for life after graduation while also offering courses to meet a diverse array of student interests. We want to give our students opportunities to explore their interests and experience new things.
And every year, our staff goes above and beyond to meet and exceed all of these expectations. We are so fortunate as a school district and community!
And then when you think about the challenges that have faced our staff members over the last year and a half throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and continue today, their accomplishments only become more astounding. Even during difficult times, we continue to find ways to do even more academically, athletically, artistically, and in any other way you want to categorize it. Our teachers and staff members took the challenges of COVID-19 head on and our students haven’t missed a beat because of it.
This is an amazing feat that was only possible because our staff members are committed to creating the ultimate Mariemont Experience each day. I am so thankful for them!
To celebrate our staff, we started the Creating the Experience series to recognize their hard work at bringing the Mariemont Experience to life for their students and colleagues. We began telling these stories last year (you can catch up on those videos here) and there will be more to come as we continue through the 2021-22 school year. So make sure to check back to this webpage to see all the incredible ways our staff members are creating experiences for those around them.
Because however you define the Mariemont Experience, we want to make sure we recognize those who make it all possible!

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