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Article: ANNOUNCEMENTS -- Friday, September 10, 2021

ANNOUNCEMENTS -- Friday, September 10, 2021

1. Twenty years ago tomorrow, on September 11th , 2001, at 8:46 a.m., the United
States came under attack from 19 Al-Qaeda terrorists, as they crashed a jet filled
with people into the World Trade Center North Tower in New York City.  At 9:03,
a second jet struck the South Tower, and at 9:37 the Pentagon in Washington
DC was hit by a third plane.  At 9:59 a.m. the South Tower collapsed and 8
minutes later Flight 93 crashed in a field in Pennsylvania as passengers
attempted to stop the terrorists who were headed for the White House or the
Capitol.  At 10:28, the North Tower collapsed.  2996 people died that morning in
that 2-hour time span, including Mariemont High School alumnus Doug Cherry,
Class of 1981. The world as we once knew it changed forever.
Those of you who are students were not even born when all of this happened,
but most of your teachers remember it vividly. It was the first time most of us did
not feel safe in our own country and had no idea what would happen next.  Brave
men and women gave their lives in the attempt to save others and it took many
months to clear the debris. As we observe our moment of silence today, please
take the time to remember the events of 9/11.  Twenty years later there are still
thousands of families affected by this tragedy. Please join me in a moment of
silence at this time…thank you.

2. The following colleges will be visiting Monday:
1st bell – Worcester Polytechnic Institute
7th bell – Ohio Northern

The following colleges will be visiting Tuesday:
2nd bell – Cleveland Institute of Art
4th bell – Mount St. Joseph University
6th bell – Hanover College

3. All football players report to Coach Leone’s room - room 144 - immediately after

4. Attention Freshmen! Homecoming t-shirts are on sale through 3:00 today. Fill
out the Google form linked to Schoology under the Class of 2025 Group OR scan
the QR code on the big screen in the hub! You MUST give $15 to Mila Zanardo,
Peyton MacRae, Trevor Mart, or Eloise Letton by 3:00 today to get a shirt!

5. If you’re interested in joining Leadership Council to help the lives of our
community, please speak to Mr. Cummins about applying. You can also talk to
one of the Leadership Council officers: Ethan Dill, Braylin Ludwig, Lilly Sharp, or
Ryder Osgood to get your application. All applications are due by September

6. Seniors, make sure you read your CCPC Communications email sent last Friday,
especially if you are interested in the special scholarships where MHS can
nominate one or two seniors for scholarships at Davidson College, Indiana
University, North Carolina State, University of Virginia, and UNC Charlotte. You
must complete the MHS nomination application by September 13 and return it to
Mrs. Leszczuk.

7. The Mariemont Chess Club informational meeting will be held during lunch on
Tuesday, September 14th in Room 152. All grades and ability levels are

8. Sophomores interested in float building: we will begin next Saturday, the 18th.
See Collin Mikesell or another class officer for more information.

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