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Article: Amy Skinner Named 2020-21 Award of Excellence Recipient

Amy Skinner Named 2020-21 Award of Excellence Recipient

Amy Skinner

The Mariemont City School District Award of Excellence is awarded annually to an individual who exemplifies dedication to and support of Mariemont City Schools. Mariemont Junior High School counselor Amy Skinner is the recipient of the 2020-21 Award of Excellence.
Mrs. Skinner has dedicated 22 years of her life to Mariemont Junior High School, first as a special education teacher and then as a counselor. And though junior high-aged students can be notoriously tricky, it seems nobody can connect with them better than Mrs. Skinner.
She makes a point to know each student in the school building by name and is a comforting wave or a socially-distanced high five for kids when they pass her in the hallways. Her office is an inviting place for any student in any circumstance, whether they need advice, discipline, comfort, courage, or just a little bit of love. Mrs. Skinner is all of these things for the junior high students.
One of her nominators said “Amy is always putting students first and looking beyond just their academic needs. Because of her, our school is the only safe place for some of our students. I know that she carries their struggles with her, both in and out of school.”
Another nominator described her as someone who “works hard so all students in the junior high feel welcome, cared for and valued in her actions and words. She knows each student and makes a personal connection with them so they know she is an ally and an advocate for them.”
But it isn’t just students who benefit from having Mrs. Skinner at the junior high. One colleague said that she “would do anything for a coworker, even if it wasn’t convenient for her” while another said that “while responsible for the mental health and well-being of the unique junior high age level, she has also somehow managed to keep staff members supported and heard as well.”
Her many nominators repeatedly called her the “backbone”, “heartbeat” and “glue” of Mariemont Junior High School. Thank you to Mrs. Skinner for her tireless service to both students and colleagues. The impact she has each and every day is truly undeniable, we are so thankful to have her at Mariemont Junior High School.
Congratulations to the following staff members who also were nominated for the Award of Excellence by a student, parent, community member or colleague:
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Julie Bell
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Mark Campbell
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Ashley Ekroth
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Cindy Gorman
Mike Hanley
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Kevin Maness
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Amanda McHugh
Jen Niezgoda
Julie Parker
Jeff Radloff
Beth Rich
Pam Tackett
Eric Weiss
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Barb Wilson
Brent Wise
David Wolfford
Tom Zaya
Vicki Zaya

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