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Article: Teaching During a Pandemic: Mrs. Emily Hunt

Teaching During a Pandemic: Mrs. Emily Hunt

Emily Hunt's Classroom outside

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, much has changed across the globe. But one thing has remained the same: teaching and learning need to continue for our students. 
Since March of 2020, Mariemont City Schools has faced a daunting challenge: how do we keep all students, staff and the community safe and healthy while also providing the educational continuity needed to advance our learners? It is certainly not an easy task but the Mariemont City Schools teachers have been up for the challenge. 
In the October issue of The Experience: The official newsmagazine of Mariemont City Schools, the district features seven teachers from all four school buildings. They describe “teaching through a pandemic” in their own words and share what has changed about teaching this year, what is different in their own classrooms and what they have learned since March.
Below, read the experience of junior high school science teacher Mrs. Emily Hunt.
Emily Hunt
I teach seventh and eighth grade science, both in person and Online Warriors
Q: How has teaching changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic?
A: Teaching science has really changed! Typically, my classes are super hands-on and we spend a lot of time in groups working together. In the past, you would rarely ever walk into my room and see students all sitting in their seats facing the board. This year definitely looks a little different but we are making the best of it!  
Q: How is teaching different for you specifically during the pandemic?
A: Instead of groups of students doing lab activities together, I have been doing a lot of demonstrations. The nice thing is that it has created some amazing class discussions! I have also switched from a physical science notebook to a digital science notebook which the students really seem to like. And, we are so lucky in my classroom to have a door that goes outside, so we take an outside mask break each day.
Q: What is one thing you have learned from teaching during a pandemic?
A: The main thing that teaching during a pandemic has taught me is that most of the little things don't matter. My focus this year has been on making my students feel safe - physically, emotionally, and mentally. Everything else feels unimportant compared to this. I have also learned that having a routine and being back together (even if it looks different) feels really good!

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