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Article: Get to Know New Learning Management Systems Schoology, SeeSaw

Get to Know New Learning Management Systems Schoology, SeeSaw

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This year, we will be moving from Blackboard as our learning management system. Our K-4 students and parents will keep connected using SeeSaw and our 5-12 students and parents will do so using Schoology. Both of these platforms will allow for a clearer, more consistent means of managing learning and communication. 

Please click here for more information on using SeeSaw. Teachers will be working with K-4 students to acclimate them to its use. 

Students in grades 8-12 were exposed to Schoology training at the end of the last school year (Here is the getting started info they accessed). Teachers will be providing refresher learning for students in grades 8-12 and initial training for students in grades 5-7 at the beginning of this school year. Parents of 5-12 students will access Schoology to see current grades, assignments, resources, etc., just as we used to in Blackboard. Parents will access Schoology here. We have created a parent/guardian guide and video tutorials to help you with the transition. Our digital coaches will also be hosting a Schoology Parent/Guardian Q and A tour on Wednesday, August 26th at 7pm.

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