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Article: Greetings from Kharkiv with Guest Blogger Shelley Komrska

Greetings from Kharkiv with Guest Blogger Shelley Komrska

Ukraine Group Picture at art show

It’s been a great three days in Ukraine! I got to attend the USA & Ukraine: Every Day in my Country exhibit and see all of our Mariemont students’ art pieces on display across the world!

The show was special – there were many families there with young artists and musicians. I heard so many gracious remarks from teachers, administrators  and people of Kharkiv. They especially pointed out one of our student’s artworks reading “Trust Your Crazy Ideas.”

They really like this idea of the art show and of innovative projects. They would love to see more partnership opportunities between Cincinnati and Kharkiv and bringing the people from the US and Ukraine together.

One Ukrainian boy who painted a picture of kids playing tennis was so excited to speak in English to me. He welcomed me and told me that his brother studies at university in the US.

Today I had an amazing visit to Sergei’s school (he is the Ukrainian art teacher that we partnered with for this exhibit). The school is an arts magnet school, #133 Lyceum School. I observed a senior high watercolor master class and a first grade art class too. The high school drawings were excellent and technically amazing.

We also were treated to performances by a drama class and student musicians. The most beautiful part was the music and singing by the students playing Banduras - a traditional Ukrainian instrument. I even got to strum one!

I am learning so much, and gathering ideas for our classrooms back at Mariemont. My hosts and the people here are so welcoming and kind and love having someone visiting from the United States. Tomorrow, it’s back to school for more classes.

What an experience! I am so grateful for this chance to make new friends and learn from others. I cannot wait to share more with you all when I return to Mariemont!

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