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Article: MEPTO Minutes August 30, 2016

MEPTO Minutes August 30, 2016

Posted September 26, 2016
Introductions of PTO Committee and Chair members

PTO Packets will be sent out the first of the month. Please submit topics for the packet at least five days in advance. These can be submitted to President, Laura Organisciak.

Please request permission from Ms. Organisciak prior to using the Mariemont Elementary PTO logo.

Any cash or checks received are to be submitted to Treasurer, Shawn Tully.

The Wednesday email will be posted on Wednesdays. Any postings for the email need to be submitted to Alice Drake by Sunday.

The Facebook Chairperson is now Janine Cutcher. Any Facebook articles will be posted in the mornings.

Julena Bingaman will be the Homeroom Parent Coordinator.

The goal this year for the ME PTO is to avoid asking parents for money. Money will be obtained through our major fundraisers such as the Walk-a-Thon and Carnival.

If there are any Budgetary issues that need to be addressed, please contact Ms. Organisciak or Ms. Tully.

We are currently in need of Co-Chairs for the Daddy-Daughter Dance as well as Co-Chairs and committee members for the Carnival.

If there are any event postings that are directed to the teachers, please be specific with the posting or request.

We are now using Sign-Up.Com for volunteers. This can be accessed on the Mariemont Elementary group page.

If there are any volunteer needs such as supplies, food, or personnel, please contact Jill Welch.

Any volunteer needs will be posted on the Wednesday email as well as Facebook. These two venues will be the main source of communication.

We are currently transitioning PTO and posting major event documents to Google.

The PTO will provide funds for classroom and fieldtrip needs to avoid going to the parents.

There will be no PTO meetings in November or December.

Mr. Steve Estepp, Superintendent, Mariemont School District

Mariemont High School was recently ranked 97th in the U.S. by Newsweek.
Mariemont was ranked 10th in the country for median home values.
The district has implemented new safety procedures and protocols. This requires all visitors to sign in at the school office and receive a visitor pass. Any visitor could be required to show identification upon request.
Mariemont High School is now utilizing Lobby Guard which scans a visitor’s identification and performs a quick background check. This could be expanded to all district facilities.
Some volunteer positions will require a background check via fingerprints if the volunteer works one on one with students.
The Mariemont Police Department will be assigning a School Resource Officer at the High School. He will at the school on a daily basis.
A Quality Profile of the Mariemont School District should be mailed to residents by September 2nd.
The District is currently performing a two year assessment on the renovation needs of the High School. There are currently issues with the HVAC system, roof, as well as classroom access.
There will be two School Chats with Mr. Estepp. Mariemont Elementary will host this “chat” on September 21st. at 0830.
Mrs. Erika Simmons, Principal, Mariemont Elementary School

PTO Storage has been moved to room 123A.
There will be four “Principal Chats” with Ms. Simmons on the following dates: September 26th, December 8th, March 7th, and May 15th. These will be conducted at 0845.
Background checks will not be needed for parent volunteers for field trips or any event where there are multiple parents.

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