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Article: MEPTO Minutes February 21, 2017

MEPTO Minutes February 21, 2017

Posted February 21, 2017
I. Mariemont Elementary PTO Code of Regulations were updated and disseminated. We will vote on these during our May meeting. Date TBD.
II. According to Jill Welch, the ME PTO covered 19 events this school year involving 480 volunteer positions filled, and over 700 volunteer hours covered.
III. Carnival. We still need carnival positions filled; mainly the last two hours of the event and for initial setup.
IV. Steven Estepp. There will be three design workshops for the high school facility conducted at 07:00 pm on the following dates: March 20th, April 12th, and April 24th. Mr. Estepp wants the final plan completed by the Spring of 2018.
V. Amanda Leszczuk from the High School College of Career Planning attended the meeting and discussed services the center provides.
VI. There are two principal chats remaining. March 7th and May 15th.
VIII. Over 900 books were donated to the Teacher Book-Drive.

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